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Almost everything that needs to be communicated is better Shown than Explained.

The team of designers, storytellers, and passionate collaborators, who work together to create industry-shifting presentations that win people's hearts and minds.

And we strive to become one of the most recognizable & influential presentation agencies of the time who does that.



Functional spaces




Multidisciplinary Team

We believe a great presentation evokes interest and drives business results far better than any saying can. Hence, we founded Hera Studio to help you persuade colleagues and clients by creating eye-opening presentations.

We save businesses from ugly and ineffective presentations.

Team Members

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

Thinura Herath

Founder - CEO
Dinitha Jayarathna

Dinitha Jayarathna

Social Media Stratergist
Natasha hagan

Natasha hagan

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior.

Brand Strategy

Meaning makes brands. Powerful ideas do not come out of the blue. Creativity follows strategy as this follows analysis. Mucho approaches branding by aiming at the core of any human endeavor: its values. Our ultimate objective is always the same: to align brand values, teams, communication, context and business model.


Brand Narrative

Essentially, brands are conversations. This conversation – facts, emotions and culture – is the brand narrative that will guide the brand’s communications and marketing decisions. We craft narratives by generating value structures out of the brand’s vision, analysis and business objectives.


Brand Management

Implementation and communication are keys to consistent, versatile and effective brands. From the deepest understanding of the brand’s essence and visual universe, we help our clients to communicate their values and share their vision through images, brand behaviour and visual content.

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